音乐 - 速度


Tempo 中文 BPM Description
Larghissimo 极端地缓慢 < 24 very, very slow, almost droning
Grave 庄严的慢板 25–45 slow and solemn
Lento 缓板 45–60 slowly
Largo 广板 40–60 slow and broad
Larghetto 甚缓板 60–66 rather broadly, and still quite slow
Adagio 柔板 66–76 another popular slow tempo, "at ease"
Adagietto 颇慢 72–76 rather slow
Andante moderato 中慢板 92–112 a bit slower than andante
Andante 行板 76–108 “at a walking pace”
Andantino 稍快的行板 80–108 slightly faster than andante
Moderato 中板 108–120 moderately
Allegretto 稍快板 / 小快板 112–120 moderately fast (but less so than allegro)
Allegro moderato 愉快的急速 112–124 moderately quick
Allegro 快板 120–168 perhaps the most frequently used tempo marking
Vivace 活泼的快板 156–176 lively and fast
Vivacissimo 非常快的快板 172–176 very fast and lively, even faster than vivace
Allegrissimo 极快的快板 172–176 very fast
Presto 急板 168–200 “very fast”, a common tempo in fast movements of symphonies
Prestissimo 最急板 > 200 extremely fast